Lost Circles is an all-uppercase display typeface perfect for posters, video game covers, or any space-age themed design. Named after the glyph's primary attributes: rounded structure and disconnected strokes, which give the illusion of a missing piece — the lost circle.
Pen & paper, Illustrator, Glyphs App
OTF file, Type specimen poster
Over the course of 4 weeks in a Typography II class, we were tasked to design a usable typeface. I started with proposing my design intent and researching for similar typefaces. Then I moved on to sketching my ideas, beginning with the word "adhesion".
I was inspired by the stencil technique's bold personality and cut off strokes. Stencil art and design often convey "military", "industrial", and "strong", but I decided to deviate from this convention and head towards a much friendlier and curvier approach.
Lost Circles is designed with all elements strictly adjusting around a central x-height to maintain readability despite the missing and disconnected strokes. It exudes a sci-fi vibe, with a minimalist touch and unique letterforms. The set comes with all uppercase letters, numerals, and a few special characters.