Interactive 3D experience based on simple game mechanics
I wanted to create an FPS (first-person shooter) game using the First Person template. It comes with a 3D environment with two levels, something that is common in 3D shooting games.
I then followed a tutorial on how to add other elements like Shoot function. For the gun, I downloaded a free blaster pack from Unity Asset Store. For the bullets, I added a sphere object and adjusted the position to however I like. I was going to add cubes all over the place as a target to be shot off the edge.
I had a roadblock when I was trying to make the bullet spawn forward from the end of the blaster. On the video you can see that it's shooting to the left, rather than forward. I thought it had something to do with the rotation but it didn't work. I also looked up documentation for script API but I was too dumb to figure out what's wrong. D: